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Bachelor party and Bachelorette party

25 March - 2022

If you are arranging a bachelor party or bachelorette party, you can of course visit us for a dance lesson! Bachelorette partyCall us and give your wishes on the type of dance and other thoughts about the event. Gift cardWe offer event gift cards, the perfect gift for all ages and occasions! Our gift cards can be used for both courses and private lessons. Click here!!

Conference or party

25 March - 2022

You can book our dance teachers for a dance lesson during a party, conference, company party or 50th anniversary party. Or let our professional dancers gild the event with a specially arranged, colorful dance show! No event is too small or too big for us, call or email, tell us what you want done! Click here!!

Dance at School

25 March - 2022

Do you want to organize a school event at school, leisure center or at another youth activity? A very good alternative for young people is dance classes of the student’s choice or something out of the ordinary for gym classes! Your students will have the opportunity to train their coordination, fitness and mobility, while having fun! Through a few hours of dance instruction, students can be drawn to…

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