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Latin dance is the class in which you move your hips to the Latin American rhythm, you train fitness, balance, flexibility, while having fun and you can train fitness or lose weight, then it is the perfect training for you!
This class is suitable for those who like simple dance and want the training to feel like a party.

I teach you moves for every song, and every song has new moves.
The dance offers a lot of joy and almost everyone is welcome!

Dance has been shown to provide a fantastic workout for the whole body and has positive effects on the brain as well.

You just feel good dancing. In this class consumes a lot of energy and improves your physical form, without discounting you.

In our dance sessions, we mix simple and fun dance steps with hard training and a lot of LATIN FLAVOR! hence its name.
You will travel with me throughout Latin America with the music that we will dance. We will start with a cardio to raise those pulsations of our heart with a versatile body warm-up and we will end with a total relaxation of your body.

Our goal is to make the hour so much fun that you don’t realize how many intervals get your heart rate up, we’ll do coordination and balance exercises or explosive muscle strengthening exercises.

Come as you are and give yourself an hour full of joy and energy.
You will learn different dance steps, you will perform the exercise and you will wish the next one to be back in the next class!
Bring your friends and wind down the day with a fun and sweaty dance/fitness session!
Do not miss it!
Join the party!

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