About us

We started the business in 2010 and are a leading dance academy in western Sweden with course activities in various locations in Halland and Västra Götaland.

Wilnursdans is more than a way to dance, feel, live, train, laugh, meet people and make new friends through dance, to experience yourself, avoid stress, improve your social relationships.

Our goal and ambition is to spread the joy of movement, energy, strength and calorie burning in training while learning to dance.

Our strategy is to be where our customers live so that they do not have to go into the city.

With 10 years of experience, together with my TEAM, we arrange fun, well-thought-out, well-organized dance & training trips in various formats around the EU-Caribbean. Special courses for companies, private individuals who are looking for that little extra. Events, Master Classes and Workshops.

We offer inspirational trips and events for health development for both companies, organizations, teams and individuals.

We arrange:

Special courses for schools, companies and individuals who are looking for that little extra. Events, MasterClasser and Workshops.
Travel abroad with events and training in focus: Turkey, Venezuela, Spain, Croatia, Portugal etc.
Dance activities for the Company’s Kick off, Conferences, schools, private individuals or other wellness-inspired days.
We inspire you with a mix of joy, knowledge, energy and relaxation.

Our dance styles:

Hip hop
MTV Dance & Fusion
MTV Dance & Fusion Jr.
Flamenco Fusion
Danshall m.m.

Furthermore, we have all types of Zumba, for example:

Zumba Fitness – a fun and invigorating form of exercise with Latin rhythms in focus for adults.
Zumba Kids – a cool dance class that has been designed for children only.
Aqua Zumba – fun water training, a real ‘pool party’
Zumba Sentao – strength with chair as a tool for great music
Zumba Gold – especially for active older adults (seniors) and for all participants who want change with successful training
Zumba Toning – fitness class with sticks / dumbbells.
Zumba Core.

WilnursDan’s instructors are well trained and regularly attend seminars and congresses to further their education in their pedagogical role.

We have performed on various big stages and events in Sweden and abroad.

We have also collaborated with various municipalities, companies and associations around Sweden, with very good results.

There is room for everyone here! Age 4-80 +!

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