Spring / Autumn courses 2021

This applies to all courses, Master Classes and Workshops

Payment is made no later than 10 days before the course starts via Bankgiro 651-6843.
All dance and fitness training takes place at your own risk and in case of illness in consultation with a doctor. Parents are responsible for their children’s training and dancing.
The semester consists of 12 weeks with breaks on each sports holiday week.7, Easter holiday week 14 and November holiday week 44 (autumn term only). The school is closed during sports holidays, Easter holidays and November holidays. Any missed classes are taken back on holiday.


Vid betalning via Bankgiro måste du ange ELEVENS NAMN och KURSNAMN vid inställd kurs återbetalas avgiften.


Repentance week for beginner courses

In beginner courses, the student has a week of remorse. Cancellation week means that if the student goes to a course opportunity and then regrets it during the first 3 weeks, the course fee is refunded with a deduction of SEK 300 for administration fee, plus a deduction for the course opportunity you have participated in. (Each course opportunity costs SEK 100 and dance course for children cost 1200 🙂

The departure from the course must be notified in writing to within 5 days from the first course opportunity so that the week of remorse can be used.

Repentance week for Continuation courses
(Continuation courses have no regret week)
Payment is made no later than 15 days before the course starts via Bankgiro 651-6843. NOTE: CUTTING CARDS ARE VALID FOR A TERM!
When paying via Bankgiro, you must enter the STUDENT'S NAME, COURSE NAME and PERSON NUMBER. If the course is canceled, the fee will be refunded.

Wilnursdans follows the Swedish Consumer Agency’s recommendations, which include means:


If you cancel your participation no later than 10 days before the start of the course / workshop or motorcycle, you are not liable for payment. If you cancel your participation 5 days or less before the start of the course / workshop or MC, or during the semester, you are liable to pay. Exceptions apply in the event of long-term illness or moving from a place that makes participation impossible.

In these cases, however, Wilnursdans needs to see a medical certificate or relocation notification that proves this in order for a refund of the course fee to be made.

If you cancel your course due to illness, injury or moving to another place, you must immediately notify Wilnursdans in writing via e-mail

A medical certificate must be received by Wilnursdans within two weeks of you announcing that you are canceling the course. Refunds will be made for the remaining times of the course from the time you have notified us at Wilnursdans. Wilnursdans charges an administration fee of SEK 300 to make the refund.

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