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Dance at School

Do you want to organize a school event at school, leisure center or at another youth activity?

A very good alternative for young people is dance classes of the student’s choice or something out of the ordinary for gym classes! Your students will have the opportunity to train their coordination, fitness and mobility, while having fun! Through a few hours of dance instruction, students can be drawn to a form of exercise that, despite its intensity, is for most associated with joy and excitement rather than fatigue and pain from exercise. Being able to dance is a skill that gives students greater self-confidence, better body awareness and a healthier life. They also benefit from this outside of school. We know that it is mainly during adolescence that personality develops and consolidates, as do exercise habits. Therefore, many schools often make it a priority to give students a few hours of dance instruction, preferably before prom or graduation. For teaching to be rewarding and not dissuasive, the teachers themselves must feel well-acquainted with dance and be able to teach it pedagogically. It is important that students from the beginning think that it is fun to dance and feel that they can do it. We are pleased to help further train teachers’ dance pedagogy. Of course, we can also give dance lessons to the students themselves or together with the teachers of the school. Addition: Dance Show Surprise students with a dance show with some of our best dancers or dance team. We perform and inspire students to want to start dancing! We can fix practically anything. You specify the style of dance and the number of dancers and we take care of the rest! Workshop at the staff party Treat the staff to a laid-back dance experience during your staff party! We come to you and organize a short dance workshop in any dance style to lift the spirits and make everyone relax. We can guarantee that this will be one of the highlights of the night! Private lessons Do you want to step into the wonderful world of dance exclusively with your own teacher from the beginning? Do you need to improve or refresh your skills in a particular dance? Or maybe you ran out of time before the wedding, conference or company party? You name it, one or more private lessons is the answer!

No matter what styles it is, in our dance academy there are happy and talented teachers who are ready to help you! Call us or send us an email, it will be a pleasure to support you in your plans.

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